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We work at Pandora and customers always ask us the same questions…yes we have a mega discount and giveaways

SEVERAL employees of the Pandora jewelry brand have opened up about what it’s really like to work there.

Three high street brand employees have shared their experiences of joining the high street store team – and why the perks keep them coming back for more.


Pandora employees explained what it’s like to work thereCredit: Alamy
One employee said she hears the same questions almost every day


One employee said she hears the same questions almost every dayCredit: tiktok/@lilythompstone

First, Lily Thompstone revealed the reality of studio work, including the questions customers ask day in and day out.

Lily, who shared a video about her TikTok account @lilythompstonecaptioned the post: “Questions I get asked while working at Pandora.”

She then listed them one by one starting with one of the most common things she hears – and clearing it up so no one else needed to question it.

Lily said she often hears “why did my jewelry turn black?” to which she replied, “It’s just tarnished and can be easily cleaned.”

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The next thing people ask is “do polishing cloths really work”. Again, Lily answered with a simple “yes”.

While the last thing she hears daily is “are shiny diamonds real”. Lily replied, “Yes, these are lab-created diamonds.”

Elsewhere, three other people shared how one of the great perks of working for Pandora is the discounts and freebies you get as a loyal employee.

TikTok user @anisahhxoxo shared a short clip to her profile, showing many different Pandora rings in boxes, as well as many other jewels on display.

She wrote alongside, “When you work at Pandora, you get everything for half price.”

Similarly, one of the boutique stores in Wellington Green uploaded a video explaining all the benefits of working for the brand.

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Explaining that they were hiring, they said there were several reasons to work for Pandora.

On the list were “employee discount and free jewelry”, “flexible hours” and “great friendships”.

Others have opened up about the great benefits of working


Others have opened up about the great benefits of workingCredit: tiktok/@pandorawellingtongreen
This includes getting half-priced items


This includes getting half-priced itemsCredit: tiktok/@anisahhhh.x