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The new Pandora ‘Me’ range fits Addison Rae, Charli XCX, etc.

PARIS – Pandora unveils its new Me line, a key step in the ambitious growth strategy that the Danish brand defined in mid-September.

But don’t expect it to look like its previous incarnation launched in October 2019, said Carla Liuni, Pandora’s chief marketing officer, who joined the company in the weeks leading up to the European lockdowns of March 2020.

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“It was a great hunch but not fully tapped and executed,” she told WWD on a call, explaining that the collection has now been reimagined to better match her Gen Z goal.

To support the launch, the brand is deploying a 360-degree communication campaign featuring the talents of American musician and actor Addison Rae; English singer-songwriter Charli XCX; Canadian dancer Donté Colley; Filipino-British singer-songwriter Beatrice Laus, known professionally as Beabadoobee; and Italian musician Cecilia Cantarano.

The Pandora executive praised their individual accomplishments as well as the range of their creative leads. “It is clear that they are striving to do their best and to grow, on a path of self-discovery and self-expression in different areas,” she said.

Conceived as a collective that represents the “Pandora Me tribe globally”, the group is characterized by “a common language around music and creation” and will be complemented in each local market by “two additional locally relevant ambassadors . To be revealed at later dates, according to Liuni.

“When we were watching [our audience], we found that 81 percent of them saw music as the number one point of passion, and an embodiment of self-expression and [Gen Z] culture, we wanted to celebrate a collective of individuals and creatives because we believe that using a community of many will [consumers] to feel part of a bigger world, ”she said.

The campaign, which also includes videos on how to style and swap elements, is inspired by the aesthetics of digital culture and was filmed by American musical filmmaker Hannah Lux Davis, who previously collaborated with Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Charli XCX contributed to an exclusive track called “Sweat”, which is about individuality.

“Put simply, this is a new generation of jewelry – more of a platform – that was designed for personalization,” she said, adding that Pandora had identified an appetite for “ jewelry with a voice that helps them express their identity and reflect who they are ‘customers.

The Me collection sets itself apart from Pandora’s Basic Moments, which focuses on what Liuni called “jewelry as a biography, with meaning and personal milestones” by being a “complementary but more playful, more fun customizable proposition. which allows the wearer to express his identity and personality.

The Pandora Me line will include earrings and rings as well as bracelets and necklaces, adorned with small patterns, medallions or additional links featuring words like “freedom” or “dream.”  - Credit: WETOUCH IMAGEWORK

The Pandora Me line will include earrings and rings as well as bracelets and necklaces, adorned with small motifs, medallions or additional links featuring words like “freedom” or “dream”. – Credit: WETOUCH IMAGEWORK


She described the slogan “for every story, for every me” as a reflection of Gen Z’s desire “to be who they are, in a diverse and inclusive way while being part of a larger community with similar codes and language “, and to have these two facets represented in their style.

Located at the more affordable end of the Pandora universe, the Me line will be a full assortment of several categories. The earrings and rings as well as the chain-based bracelets and necklaces will be available in silver and 14k rose gold-plated metal, ready to be loaded with colorful designs, lockets and additional links featuring words such as ” believe “or” freedom “. . “

The range of 82 pieces will be offered between 19 euros for smaller designs, and up to 249 euros for a silver and cultured pearl necklace. Limited collectible editions are also in the works, in keeping with Pandora’s general modus operandi.

“We have a price that achieves the right value for our consumer because we know Gen Z is value conscious,” Liuni said.

The collection will be rolled out worldwide at the end of September, with a China-specific launch scheduled for 2022.

“China is one of the main growth opportunities we have in the future, and above all we want to build and strengthen the core ‘Moments’ proposition over the next 12 months before adding this complementary universe.” Liuni said.


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