Pandora jewelry

The new Mickey, Minnie and Fantasyland PANDORA charms and accessories are coming to shopDisney

Sometimes you just want to share your Disney love with everyone you meet and the best way to do that is with jewelry! PANDORA is ready to help you elevate your style with new Disney themed charmsnecklaces, bracelets and earrings as magical as they are beautiful.

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What is happening:

  • Disney and PANDORA go hand in hand, and their beautiful assortment of jewelry is the perfect way for fans to incorporate Disney into their everyday and special looks.
  • Among the new charms and accessories, an elegant series is inspired by:
    • Fantasyland/Sleeping Beauty Castle
    • mickey mouse
    • Minnie Mouse
  • The characters and icons included come in a variety of styles such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms.
  • These new PANDORA jewelry selections retail for between $50.00 and $150.00 and are now available on shopDisney.
  • Below are links to individual items.

Imaginary world

Fantasyland Castle Earrings by Pandora Jewelry – $70.00

Sleeping Beauty Castle Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $80.00

Fantasyland Castle Necklace by Pandora Jewelry – $150.00

mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse Icon 2022 Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $70.00

Mickey Mouse ”Be Yourself” Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $60.00

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Icon Bracelet by Pandora Jewelry – $115.00

mickey and minnie

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Icon Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $70.00

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Heart Padlock Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $85.00

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Airplane Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $50.00

Mickey and Minnie Kissing Charm by Pandora Jewelry – $60.00