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T-Mobile Customers Get an “Enhanced Pandora Experience”

T Mobile announced today a partnership with SiriusXM that will provide T-Mobile customers with expanded access to Pandora with ad-free radio weekends, “Top Tracks” music stations powered by popular SiriusXM channels and early access to SiriusXM podcasts originals.

Starting Tuesday, March 23, any T-Mobile customer who participates in T-Mobile Tuesdays can access the enhanced version of the Pandora music experience for free. Ad-free radio weekends will be available until March 2022.

“We are rolling out the magenta carpet again for T-Mobile customers by providing them with more free benefits and even more value through partnerships with today’s top brands,” said Matt Staneff, CMO of T-Mobile. “Now more than ever, we recognize the power of music to connect communities. Today marks another exciting milestone in our relationship with Pandora, giving T-Mobile customers a supercharged new version of a brand they already like. At T-Mobile, it’s about getting more value out of us – just to be with us. “

Ad-free Pandora Weekends will feature personalized music stations that can be personalized with the Modes feature, as well as access to tens of thousands of podcasts.

T-Mobile customers will need T-Mobile Tuesdays app and must use the Pandora offer. After that, users can download the Pandora app and create a Pandora account. Sprint users can also download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

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