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Products, prices, release date and everything you need to know about the exclusive collection of sterling silver charms

Pandora is infamous for its iconic collaborations with major film franchises. On this Star Wars day, the brand took the opportunity to unveil a superb collection on the theme of Star Wars. The tagline for the rollout is Star Wars Day’s signature tagline, “May the 4 be with you,” which is a classic riff on “May the force be with you.”

The 20-piece collection includes a wide range of character-specific, hand-finished charms, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories crafted with sterling silver and hand-applied enamel accents. Fans can channel the Force with items from this collection starting May 4.

Pandora also has a sitewide deal where you can get a third free gem when you buy two products.

Products from the Pandora x Star Wars Accessory Collection

Pandora has listed the following products as part of the collection.

1) Star Wars dangle charms and clips: Fans can use these charms to incorporate the most iconic symbols from the Star Wars galaxy into their everyday style. The brand encourages enthusiasts to “liberate [their] fun spirit and wear [their] devotion with the Star Wars charm series. » The range includes:

  • Charm R2-D2 (£60)
  • Grogu Charm (£45)
  • Death Star Clip Charm (£45)
  • Charm BB-8 (£60)
  • Darth Vader Charm (£55)
  • Charm C-3PO (£70)
  • Charm Chewbacca (£45)
  • Millennium Falcon Charm (£60)
  • Double Lightsaber Charm (£55)
  • Princess Leia Double Charm (£55)
  • Ewok Charm (£45)

2) Star Wars Charms Set (£100): Fans can “wear their fandom” with Star Wars with these exquisitely crafted charms. There are three variations, namely the Grogu & Crib Charm (£45 individually), the Star Wars Han Solo & Leia Kiss Charm (£35 individually) and the Star Wars Yoda Dangle Charm (£55 individually).

3) Pandora Moments Star Wars Light & Dark Side Logo Open Bangle (£90): This bracelet perfectly contrasts the Rebel Alliance logo, set with blue artificial crystals, with the symbol of the Galactic Empire adorned with red artificial crystals. The inside of the bracelet features an engraving of Luke Skywalker’s iconic lightsaber while the outside reads “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS”.

4) Star Wars Rebel Alliance Symbol Rotating Pendant (£60): This spinning Star Wars Rebel Alliance Symbol pendant is an illustrious celebration of the Force and the perfect way to “show your Star Wars allegiance wherever you go”. Finished in two-tone metal, the pendant features the Rebel Alliance logo set with cubic zirconia on the front and the word “REBEL” is engraved on the back of the charm.

5) Star Wars Stormtrooper Charms and Keychain Set (£100): This Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet charm gives any charm holder the Galactic Empire treatment, allowing fans to “style [their] Star Wars history like never before.” The iconic Stormtrooper helmet is perfectly recreated in sterling silver and expertly finished with white, black and blue enamel detailing. The charm comes with an exclusive keychain which is not not available outside of this set.

6) Pandora Moments Star Wars Snake Chain Clasp Bracelet (£70): The Star Wars Snake Chain Clasp Bracelet is crafted from sterling silver and features a barrel-shaped clasp featuring the iconic Star Wars logo on both sides. True Star Wars fans can take it a step further and attach any of the other Star Wars charms to this bracelet to “keep the Force close”.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee

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