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PHOTOS: Pandora posters arrive at Legends of Hollywood, new clock added to the Majestic Theater at Disney Hollywood Studios

Legends of Hollywood is home to Pandora jewelry that adds a bit of “Sunset Boulevard sparkle.” The storefront recently received new posters and the Majestic Theater received a new clock as part of a small reinvention of the storefronts on Sunset Boulevard.

The marquee reads “Sparkle on Sunset Boulevard” and new advertisements are placed outside the store.


Four new posters appeared in store windows, while the now redundant advertising for Star wars Pandora charms can be found in front.


The posters have a vintage feel with classic Hollywood movie star vibes. They all advertise Pandora jewelry, which is now the main focus of the store.


As the store specializes in selling beloved Pandora charms, these posters are a perfect addition. “Treat yourself at the counter!” “


Down the street, across from the Majestic Theater, a new clock has been installed just after the new Majestic Theater marquee.


The clock is analog and fits perfectly into the art deco architectural style of the whole street.


The Majestic Theater recently replaced part of the Legends of Hollywood store and took the place of the Planet Hollywood Super Store which closed last year. The new storefronts continued to take shape, adding to the park’s classic Hollywood theme.

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