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Pandora worker exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress

In the internet age, if someone does something fishy, ​​everyone will know it.

In this case, it was a guy named Jake from Montreal, who was exposed for buying rings from Pandora for his girlfriend and mistress – or “accompanying piece,” as reported. Mirror.

“If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in mtl. he just bought two rings for ‘his daughter and her side piece,’ ”the poster wrote, with TikTok user @ferreiroroche captioning his post.

“You deserve better.”

His TikTok video had 438,200 likes on Sunday morning.

In the comments section, the Pandora employee, who later reportedly quit her job at the jewelry chain, was praised for her actions.

“I really hope you don’t get in trouble for this cause it has to be EXPOSED,” @idkusernameundecided wrote.

Another pointed out that this video may have cast unfair suspicion on all the other guys named Jake in Montreal who weren’t actually cheating on their girlfriend.

“Bad day to live in mtl with a boyfriend named Jake,” @djpickellfanpage wrote.

A commentator who claimed to have also worked for Pandora said this happens too often at the jewelry store.

“The number of clients I had when I was also working at Pandora,” @ jencysm2 wrote.

In a TikTok follow-up, the original poster said she waited until her last shift in Pandora to share the story, hoping to expose the cheater.

“I actually quit last week and waited until my last shift to expose this cheater,” she wrote.

This Jake from Montreal, not to be confused with the healthy Jstate farm ake-may have a rude awakening on the horizon. A commentator on the second video said she shared the video with a Facebook group for people living in Montreal which has 40,000 members.

“I added him to my Facebook group for Mtl with over 40,000… I wonder if anyone he knows will see it,” @mtlbyv wrote.

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* First published: May 23, 2021, 10:03 a.m. CDT

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