Pandora bracelet

Pandora warns against viral cleaning hack because it can RUIN your jewelry

SOCIAL media is full of suggestions and hacks to help you streamline your life, especially when it comes to keeping things looking good and clean.

If you keep up to date with the latest “life hacks”, you might have spotted one doing the rounds on TikTok where jewelry lovers are blitzing their dirty charm bracelets.


TikTok hacks to clean your Pandora bracelet could damage your jewelryCredit: Facebook

Influencers take their Pandora bracelet, complete with charms, and dip it in a combination of boiling water, baking soda and salt for five minutes.

If the music videos have anything to do with jewelry, then they become transformed and shiny, but a Pandora spokesperson advised against using the TikTok trick because it could damage your bracelet.

She explained that if you continually use this tactic, you’ll likely cause the veneer to erode with the harsh chemicals.


Speaking to the Mirror, Sarah Rowlands said: “Even the simple act of using boiling water can be a risky choice as it can encourage your gems or stones to become dislodged as the heat melts the bonding glue. holding them firmly in place.

“Another popular idea that you should ditch is to use an old toothbrush to scrape off the dirt that collects in the intricate crevices of your jewelry.

“Again, it’s far too harsh on your precious metals and, not to mention, spreads bacteria from the old toothbrush to your jewelry.”

Instead, the expert suggested that you take your precious pieces to a professional jeweler for an annual service to safely blitz them and make sure they don’t dislodge any gemstones.

She also recommended polishing your jewelry with a polishing cloth to counter natural air tarnish and occasionally soaking it in warm water with dish soap to remove dirt and grime.

A store spokesperson said the chemicals could erode the veneer


A store spokesperson said the chemicals could erode the veneerCredit: Alamy

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