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Pandora warns against ‘hacking’ TikTok cleanup as it will damage your jewelry

Pandora has warned of a popular hack to clean its jewelry that has gone viral on TikTok – claiming repeated use will simply damage the pieces

Maybe don’t try this one at home…

If you’ve ever browsed TikTok, you’ll know it’s filled to the brim with useful tips and tricks that you probably can’t believe you didn’t know about before. From makeup tips to cleaning tips, every day is a school day.

For those who are regular scrollers, you may have seen a recent “hack” that went viral on the app, teaching users how to transform dirty-looking Pandora bracelets into a whole new look in minutes.

The hack involved soaking the bracelet in boiling water mixed with baking soda and salt for five minutes, and according to all the videos, it seemed to work.

But, as much as we like a quick fix, it turns out the cleanup hack could actually do a lot more harm than good, a Pandora spokesperson warned.

Most jewelry ends up looking dirty after a while.


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The hack seemed to work – but at what cost?


Facebook/We love Mrs. Hinch)

“The most popular cleaning hack that has taken TikTok by storm over the past week has been to put your jewelry in a foil-lined bowl with a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water. hot,” Sarah Rowlands told the Mirror.

“While the immediate results of this hack may seem very effective in cleaning your jewelry, baking soda is a very harsh and abrasive ingredient that will scratch your delicate jewelry.”

Anyone who continuously uses this cleaning method is very likely to damage jewelry, especially plated pieces, as the harsh combination can cause erosion of the plating surface.

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“Even simply using boiling water can be a risky choice as it can encourage your gems or stones to dislodge as the heat melts the bonding glue holding them securely in place,” Sarah added.

“Another popular idea that you should avoid is using an old toothbrush to scrape off dirt that accumulates in the intricate interstices of your jewelry. Again, this is far too harsh on your precious metals and, without speak, spreads bacteria from the old toothbrush to your jewelry.”

Instead, she says, jewelry wearers should keep their pieces in pristine condition by having annual services with a professional jeweler, to ensure they are safely cleaned, while making sure nothing not in danger of collapsing.

“For regular maintenance, jewelry cleaning solutions consist of a quick two-minute bath with a specially formulated liquid with mild, non-abrasive surfactants to clean your jewelry without damaging it,” Sarah continued.

“You should also polish your jewelry with a polishing cloth from time to time to prevent any tarnishing that naturally occurs with exposure to air. This will keep your jewelry shiny with minimal effort.

“However, if you need a quick fix on the spot, the safest hack to clean dirty jewelry is to place it in warm water with washing up liquid and let it soak.

“If you have a new soft-bristled brush, brush your jewelry gently, focusing on the nooks and crannies and rinsing only with lukewarm water.”

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