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Pandora tests a new store concept in Italy and the UK

Pandora opened its first stores under the new Evoke store concept in Milan, Italy and London, UK. The new concept, which is still in the testing phase, aims to make shopping more intuitive and will improve the speed of service, making it easy for customers to explore, find and try products.

From the moment customers walk into the store, the streamlined layout allows them to navigate through different product categories and view the jewelry in newly designed displays. Two-thirds of Pandora’s revenue comes from gifts, and new stores will have a dedicated “gift zone” with inspiring displays. As another way to personalize jewelry, stores will also offer engraving service to customers.

“Pandora is built on the concept of personalization and the idea that you can tell your story through your jewelry. We now want to bring personalization to all customer touch points and create a unique shopping experience. Evoke is one of the key elements of our personalization journey, and we have received very positive initial reactions from our customers. We look forward to seeing our customers explore the new store concept with us, ”said Martino Pessina, Commercial Director of Pandora.

The store layouts were designed with today’s omnichannel journey in mind. Over 80% of consumers start shopping online, and when they enter new stores, they will recognize Pandora’s campaigns taking center stage.

After openings in Italy and the UK, Evoke will launch in Guangzhou, China in December, and Pandora plans to introduce it in other key markets later in 2022. The new store concept will be gradually evaluated and improved, and new features will be added.