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Pandora sales increased by more than 50% compared to 2019 thanks to the omnichannel approach


Pandora has revealed that due to consumers’ new focus on online retail, its U.S. financial data for 2021 has been significantly higher than 2019 figures for every quarter of the year so far.

Talk to Yahoo finance, Pandora Jewelry President Luciano Rodembusch also discussed the brand’s focus on young consumers and how it plans to secure their business in the future.

Turning to financial data for the year in general, he said: “The third quarter [of 2021] was fantastic. He revealed that Pandora has now, for the third quarter in a row, seen its sales in the United States increase by more than 50% from 2019 figures.

In the meantime, addressing the reasons for this new success, he added: “From a traffic perspective, we are still below 2019. I think all retail businesses now know a lot less browsers, a lot more browsers. buyers, so conversion rates are higher than they were before the pandemic.

“In our case, omnichannel is very important, so the online channel is also connected to our physical retail store. “

Rodembusch hinted that while attendance at Pandora is lower than before, this dichotomy has resulted in increased sales over pre-pandemic numbers.

He also said Yahoo finance that Pandora is channeling a lot of its efforts to attract younger customers, especially Gen Z, and he believes personalized jewelry is the key to that.

Rodembusch joined Pandora this year and previously worked at Tiffany, starting as corporate vice president for Latin America.