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Pandora ME | Dinner and performances by Yaeji and Charli XCX – Flaunt Magazine

How does it feel to be headlining festivals, like BRIC’s Celebrate Brooklyn !, and the Pandora ME event taking place in your current staple ground?

Doing concerts in Brooklyn is always special to me. It’s comfortable and it’s soft. It’s near my home.

How does it feel to play again?

This is the best I have ever felt. I was always a little anxious before concerts (and I still am), but now there is so much joy. And I actively feel and experience joy when I’m on stage. I rehearsed a lot more for shows and learned and performed choreography for the first time with my two dancers Hamly Tavarez and Tatiana Barber. Hamly choreographed the new live show I performed and it was a rewarding experience working with dancers.

You had a pretty big year doing the New York Times T magazine Spotify playlist and being interviewed by Dua Lipa, to name a few. What are the upcoming projects / performances that you are looking forward to?

I worked on a lot of new music. There is a special musical collaboration coming up with music videos. Glad to share this with everyone!

I just finished my shows in North America, but I’m going to be giving another show this year at a really fun dance music festival in Manchester called Homobloc on November 6th. I also have my regular monthly residency at NTS Radio which I will continue to work on. I am delighted to be doing my first live live in the London studio next month when I am in the UK.