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Pandora launches plastic-free packaging in stores and online

Pandora is committed to halving its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 across all of its operations and value chain. Credit: Wpcpey /

Denmark-based jewelry brand Pandora has introduced “new and improved” packaging in its physical and online stores to replace plastic bags.

The packaging is made with fewer materials to be more easily recyclable, including paper from “well-managed” forests and recycled sources.

Pandora has also reduced the plastic content of its jewelry boxes by more than 75% as part of efforts to reduce its environmental impact across its value chain.

The brand claims that its new packaging does not compromise the quality of its products.

The designs are expected to reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 3,600 tonnes per year and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 60% compared to packaging previously used.

Pandora has launched the sustainable bags and boxes in the United States and in most of its European and Asian stores.

They are expected to be deployed to other sites over the remainder of the year and into the next year.

Carla Liuni, Pandora Marketing Director, said, “Pandora is committed to reducing its climate footprint at every step of the value chain, and we work hard to ensure that our materials are renewable, recycled or otherwise sustainable.

“We are delighted to present our beautiful and stylish new packaging. It has already been tested with some of our customers and has received very positive feedback for its design, protection and recyclability.

The latest move comes after Pandora pledged to halve its GHG emissions by 2030 across all of its operations and across its value chain.

The company is also committed to achieving zero net emissions by 2040.

Pandora designs and manufactures hand-finished jewelry and sells it in over 100 countries through 6,700 outlets, including over 2,600 concept stores.

The company’s products are made at two factories in Thailand, primarily using recycled silver and gold.