Pandora necklace

Pandora launches jewelry line with Animal Crossing Dream Island

Jewelry brand Pandora has jumped on the Animal Crossing bandwagon with a themed island for the launch of a new line of Pandora ME jewelry. Sure, they’re a little late for this particular holiday, but they make a sparkling entrance.

The island will allow visitors to pack a range of custom clothing with designs inspired by the jewelry line, as well as enter the Pandora factory, which has been designed to match the Chiang Mai production facility. with solar panels, water features and palm trees.


The island was designed by Blarla Button and Lauran Carter, with guidance from Pandora Creative Directors Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo. It also includes homes inspired by Charli XCX, Donté Colley, Beabadoobee and Cecilia Cantarano.

To visit you will need to go for a nap, using the Dream Suite feature that was added after the release. The Pandora ME dream code is: 8361-3102-9206.

Animal Crossing Dreaming Guide – How does the Dream Suite work in New Horizons?

Animal Crossing was all the rage in the spring and summer of 2020, selling millions of millions of copies and sparking enthusiasm among marketers for the possibilities of being able to create and visit different islands. It was such a defining game that various politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then presidential candidate Joe Biden got involved to varying degrees.

The bubble has largely burst now, however, and while the game certainly remains extremely popular, it’s no longer the hotbed or marketing potential it once was. Not only that, but Nintendo’s regular game content updates through 2020 have dried up in 2021, with fans complaining that the company has seemingly forgotten what has been one of their biggest hits.

Not for long, however. At last week’s Nintendo Direct, the company may have focused on upcoming games like Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3, but there was also a small teaser for an upcoming update for Animal Crossing in November, showing The Roost opening 24-7 in the upper floor of the museum, which is traditionally run by pigeon barista Brewster.

The teaser notes that a dedicated Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct stream will take place in October, detailing new content coming to the island in November. Fans are already speculating on what else might appear in the game, with fan-favorite features like gyroids on many people’s wishlists.

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