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Pandora Launches Exclusive Star Wars Collection To Celebrate May 4th

Star Wars fans can celebrate May 4th in style as Pandora has released an exclusive new collection of charms featuring all of the franchise’s main characters. The collection includes 16 charms, two bracelets and a set of charms and keychains perfect for marking the annual Star Wars Day.

From the iconic Chewbacca to the villainous Darth Vader, prices start from £35 and go up to £100 for a set of three charms.

Buyers can pick up a Storm Trooper helmet charm for £55, which has been carefully finished with white, black and blue enamel details, or a Charm BB-8 for £60, with orange enamel bringing the loyal and fearless droid to life.

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Mandalorian fans can tap into a well of wisdom with the Grogu charm or Grogu Cradle Charm both of which are £45 each.

Chewbacca has its own charm too, selling for £45. Hand-finished in sterling silver with applied touches of dark brown and black enamel, this charm captures the essence of chewbacca a longtime Star Wars fan favorite.

The New Pandora x Star Wars Chewbacca Charm

The cheapest charm in the collection of 20 pieces is one of Han Solo and Leia, costing £35. The charm features Han Solo and Princess Leia kissing on one side and the Millennium Falcon spaceship on the other side. The sides of the charm are engraved with quotes from the characters in the scene: “I love you” and “I know”, marking an iconic Star Wars moment.

Other charms include C-3PO , R2-D2 Ewoke and dark Vador as well as a Rebel Alliance rotating pendant , Millennium Falcon , Death Star , Leia , yoda and lightsaber pieces.

For those looking to add bracelets to their jewelry collection, the Pandora Moments Star Wars Light & Dark Side Logo Open Bangle is a great option for £90. One end of the bracelet is set with artificial blue crystals to create the Rebel Alliance logo, while the other features artificial red crystals in the shape of the Galactic Empire symbol.

Then the Pandora Moments Star Wars Snake Chain Clasp Bracelet is slightly cheaper at £70, perfect for putting on all your new Star Wars charms.

May 4 is the informal memorial day for the Star Wars franchise, which dates back to the ’70s when the first movie was released. It is now a widely recognized day of celebration of world famous films.

All Star Wars movies, series and more can be broadcast on Disney+ including Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian.