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Pandora Jewelry launches a collaboration with Keith Haring – WWD

PARIS – After the Avengers, Minnie Mouse and Harry Potter, Pandora is launching a line featuring some of the late street art legend Keith Haring’s most famous works.

The 12-piece capsule will include charms, rings and earrings featuring Haring’s signature heart shapes, barking dog and graphic doodles.

“There’s an openness and accessibility to Haring’s philosophy,” said product manager Stephen Fairchild, explaining why the brand chose Haring as its first artistic collaboration. “Haring’s unique artistic vision has had and continues to have a lasting influence on world culture.

“The collection and its campaign shine a light on Keith Haring’s artistic legacy and celebrate the enduring power of his iconic and iconic Pop Art style. It encapsulates the infectious energy of the zeitgeist that shaped his most iconic works. “Fairchild told WWD.

It’s the first time the Danish company has partnered with an artist, and it’s part of Pandora’s overall growth strategy, which aims to double revenue in the US and triple sales in China by now. 2023. The company expressed its efforts to attract younger customers. , especially Millennials and Gen Z.

“We’ve previously focused on two types of collaborations – volume drivers, where we collaborate with bigger brands…and goal-driven,” Fairchild said. “This is new collaboration territory for us – a cult brand-building collaboration.”

Pandora has a history of collaborations, including tapping into Disney’s deep well of intellectual property. Thanks to this partnership, Pandora has created pieces around Marvel, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and Star Wars. They have also featured Harry Potter and have a long-standing partnership with UNICEF.

Sales for the various collaborations amounted to 10% of total revenue in the second quarter, up 34% year-over-year, in financial results released earlier this year.

“They’re a key asset in growing our core,” Fairchild said of the collaboration activity. The Keith Haring line “targets a new demographic and audience compared to our existing volume engine collaborations,” he added.

While this may be Pandora’s first time working with an artist, the brand has plans for other artists, musicians and fashion collaborations as part of a larger rebranding strategy. “It takes our core product and elevates it with a strong pipeline of innovation and creativity,” he said.

Fairchild added that Pandora customers are interested in more unique offerings from the brand, and the company sees “tremendous opportunities with existing consumer interest in the art category.”

The brand revamped its Me line late last year and tapped TikTok star Addison Rae and singer Charli XCX as the faces of the collection.

The limited-edition Keith Haring collection will be available worldwide from September 29 through November 29.