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Pandora Jewelry Deploys Staff Security Solution When Headquarters Reopens

Pandora Jewelry will deploy the Appian Workforce Safety solution to support occupational health and safety across all of its operations in the United States. Pandora had used the cloud-based solution at the start of the pandemic to help protect employees and customers at retail stores and its logistics hub, and the retailer will now use the tool at its Baltimore headquarters during its reopening.

Appian Workforce Safety provides a unified command center that will help Pandora manage its COVID-19 response, with real-time access to track employee records, monitor scenarios across facilities, automate return-to-work authorizations, track vaccinations and manage company policies and government regulations. Specific abilities include:

  • Contact search;
  • COVID-19 tests authorized by the FDA;
  • Immunization information;
  • Incident case management;
  • Monitoring symptoms and isolation;
  • Visitor and capacity management;
  • Aggregate health reports; and
  • Reservations on site.

“Our top priority is the safety of our employees and customers, especially now that our offices are reopening,” Luciano Rodembusch, Managing Director of Pandora North America said in a statement. “While we have continued to stay close to local authorities and follow CDC guidelines, Appian Workforce Safety has been an integral part of our COVID response strategy. “

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