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Pandora Fans Show Off Their Mega Reaches As Bracelets, Rings And Bangles Are 50% Off

BEAUTY fans are taking to social media to show off their Pandora sales bargains.

Although Brits are currently going through a cost of living crisis and most of us are looking for ways to spend less, that doesn’t mean you should stop treating yourself once in a while.


Pandora fans shared their bargains on social mediaCredit: Alamy
All this costs the happy buyer just £62


All this costs the happy buyer just £62Credit: facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

And these Pandora fans know how to treat themselves to a nice little From Me to Me gift.

With the sales now in effect, jewelry lovers have taken to social media to show off their incredible Pandora bargains as bracelets, rings and bangles have been reduced by 50%.

A happy customer, Jenny Willams, posted her impressive booty on the popular Facebook group, Extreme coupons and great deals in the UK.

Sharing an image of two dainty silver rings, the Pandora fan wrote: ‘£10.00 for silver shell ring, £7.00 for silver heart ring.

“It’s a bargain that I bought myself from Pandora,” she said, adding that she wasn’t going to sell them.

Another delighted customer also shared a snap of her transport – and it’s safe to say she pulled out all the stops.

To treat herself after losing her previous Pandora goodies ten years ago, Jessica Rutter burst into one of the brand’s boutiques.

There she found an incredible offer – which totaled £62.

Among the loot, as the image revealed, was a silver bracelet – this had been reduced from £60 to £30, saving her half the original price.

There was also a delicate ring – she managed to wrap it for ten, although the original price was more than three times higher.

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While shopping, the Pandora fan made sure they didn’t miss out on another bargain – a mother and son charm priced at £10 and a second feather charm which costs just £12.

Mirjam Berger was also happy with what she found at the sale and took it to the Facebook group to show off her purchase.

A small ring with a crown design that had been reduced by more than 50%, costing her £16, from the original retail price of £55.

All posts have been liked by hundreds, with some sharing their findings.

”I got 53% off 2 rings in store, I was blown away,” read one positive review.

However, as happy as some shoppers may have been, others cautioned about the quality of the rings.

”Watch out for pandora rings mine turned my finger green i was drained i loved the ring but i’m not one to remember to take off all my jewelry before moisturizing or doing the dishes [sic]’, one commented.

A second said: ”I saw a shell ring in the store but it looks so cheap it’s not worth the price. ”

Someone else wondered, “If they can sell them at these prices and still make a profit, why sell them at such inflated prices in the first place.”

Fans managed to get their hands on some amazing deals


Fans managed to get their hands on some amazing dealsCredit: facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK
The price of this ring had been reduced by more than 50%


The price of this ring had been reduced by more than 50%Credit: facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK