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Pandora employee exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress – world news

Former Pandora employee Eli was praised for warning women that if their boyfriend was named Jake they had to be careful because he had bought two rings – for “her daughter and her side piece”

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Pandora employee exposes cheating customer

A Pandora employee has been praised for reporting a client who bought a ring for his girlfriend and mistress in one go.

Eli, who is called Ferreiroroche on TikTok, took to social media platform to warn the women of Montreal, Canada, whose boyfriend is called Jake.

She posted a video of herself showing the man’s purchases as she said, “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL (Montreal), he just bought two rings. for ‘his daughter and her accessory’. “

Eli, who can be seen wearing a Pandora lanyard around his neck, adds, “You deserve better.”

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Pandora employee exposed a customer who had the nerve to buy jewelry for his girlfriend and a ‘accompanying piece’


ferreiroroche / TIKTOK)

A commentator asked her if he had actually told her who the two rings were for, to which she replied, “Yes, after asking him if he wanted me to give him a gift receipt or two.”

People commented on the video, which has over 2.3 million views, to congratulate Eli for speaking out.

“This woman is doing God’s work,” said one TikTok user.

The video went viral as it was viewed by over two million people around the world


ferreiroroche / TIKTOK)

Eli said she quit her job and exposed the client on her last shift


ferreiroroche / TIKTOK)

While another said that “what is done in the dark will always be brought to light”.

Another Pandora employee said she sympathized with Eli’s experience saying, “The number of times I’ve had clients doing this while working at Pandora.”

“What is done in the dark will always be revealed,” added another.

When a user suggested that it was illegal for Eli to expose the man like she did, she firmly replied, “How is that illegal? I am making the world better.”

So many others have commented to say his video has gone viral in different parts of the world, from Greece to Dubai to the Netherlands and Milan.

But several people have also expressed concern that she will be fired for exposing a client.

She responded to the concerns in a different video of her dancing as she said, “Actually, I quit last week and waited until my last shift to expose this cheater.”