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Pandora becomes a living wage employer

Copenhagen-headquartered jewelry brand Pandora announced it was paying its UK retail workers the current living wage of £ 9.50 an hour as of yesterday (October 18).

The company, which owns and operates more than 160 stores in the UK and Ireland and employs 1,200 people in its retail teams, has increased its hourly wages from £ 8.91 to £ 9.50, or 10 , £ 85 in London. This is to reward excellent performance and attract workers as the organization continues to grow and UK employers grapple with labor shortages following the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus ).

According to Pandora, he will also increase his hourly rate of pay in his Irish stores from € 10.20 to € 12.30. In addition to the base hourly wage, the company also pays a commission to its retail employees, with rates set to remain unchanged.

Rasmus Brix, Managing Director of Pandora UK & Ireland, said: “Our frontline colleagues have shown exceptional dedication during the pandemic, and we would like to thank them for their commitment. We expect Pandora to grow in the coming years and we will need to hire more people. We want to attract the best talent to join us and believe that we offer very competitive conditions. “

The announcement comes as UK employers continue to experience the worst staff shortages since the late 1990s, due to many stores reopening after the lockdown and a sharp drop in the number of foreign workers due to Covid and of Brexit.

Pandora, which plans to reach at least DKK 22 billion (£ 2.5 billion) in 2021, employs 26,000 people worldwide. He increased his income in the UK in 2020 as he did most of his sales online, and was praised for continuing to provide full pay to all employees even though most of his stores were closed.

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