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Ninja Warrior Leeds: Woman left stunned as determined staff find her 10 Pandora charms lost in moss pit

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Ashlea Parsons, 26, was at the popular Seacroft venue on Tuesday with her daughter and her friend.

When she got on the equipment with her daughter, she fell into the foam pit while riding around.

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Ashlea couldn’t believe her luck after the staff found all 10 on her charms

At first, Ashlea didn’t know she had lost the bracelet.

However, when she went to work on Wednesday morning, she noticed that her wrist was bare.

She asked her partner to check everywhere in their house, but to no avail.

Desperate for answers, Ashlea retraced her steps and realized she may have lost her at Ninja Warrior.

Ninja Warrior is very popular in Seacroft

She called the company and staff said they would monitor anything handed over – but Ashlea had little hope she would see the charms again.

The charms were extremely sentimental for Ashlea, with one incorporating the ashes of one of her children who had sadly passed away.

Ashlea’s partner returned to Ninja Warrior to ask if he could search for the charms.

“They explained that he had arrived at rush hour, that the place was far too busy for him to enter with the intention of looking for such small objects, because that would be impossible with so many customers coming. run,” Ashlea said.

Ashlea with her daughter

“He explained that it was of enormous sentimental value and of extreme importance that we could be kept in mind if anything was found.”

Much to Ashlea’s amazement, she received a call from her partner Thursday night to say that Ninja Warriors had been in contact with him and found the bracelet.

The diligent staff had dismantled the entire foam pit and found every charm – which is only a few millimeters in size.

“Honestly, the only thing I could think of was finding the specific charm, but I was shocked to find that they had gone above and beyond to find all ten,” Ashlea said.

“I can’t thank them enough.”

Ninja Warriors has been contacted for comment.