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My lovely Pandora rings looked a little rough…a cheap 5p hack made them as shiny as new

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing a cheap hack to make rings look brand new using just two ingredients sitting in your kitchen.

Nothing is as upsetting as finding your once-shiny favorite ring a little rough – but fear not, there’s no need to throw it away, because one savvy jewelry fan has found a solution.


The hack video was liked by thousands of people on social mediaCredit: TikTok/@emmarararara
A little baking soda will do, said Emma


A little baking soda will do, said EmmaCredit: TikTok/@emmarararara

Taking it to social media, TikTok user Emma (@emmararara) claimed that it is a hack that people “need to know about”.

Showing off her multiple Pandora 925 sterling silver rings, the prodigy said following her method will take your jewelry “from dull to shiny”.

The trick, she also added, works with anything, necklaces and earrings included, and costs next to nothing.

To give your raw looking rings a makeover, place a small sheet of aluminum foil in a bowl and lay all the accessories on it.

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When ready, pour in a generous amount of baking soda – this should be enough to almost cover your rings and other jewelry.

“Boil the kettle, pour the boiling water directly over the top of your jewelry and let the bubbles work their magic,” Emma said.

“Wait for the bubbles to slow down or eventually stop and get your jewelry out.”

But here, as warned, be sure to be careful, because the water will always be boiling hot.

When all the pieces no longer macerate in the water-baking soda mixture, rinse them under a tap to get rid of the leftover baking soda.

“There you go, your jewelry is lovely, shiny, sparkly,” Emma said, adding that it was “definitely worth trying.”

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But while she swore by this hack, not everyone was convinced, as a few Pandora employees urged people not to take her advice.

“Please don’t do this. they do free cleaning in stores, just pick them up and have them professionally cleaned [sic]’, begged one of them.

Another agreed, writing, “I work at Pandora and the best way is to soak it in warm soapy water and scrub it gently with a toothbrush! Use our polishing cloth, that’s how we do it! [sic]”

One person who tried the trick left a negative review reading: ‘I did this with my pandora earrings and they turned black [sic].”

Some have suggested other methods, for example, a hygiene product in your bathroom.

”I cover mine with toothpaste, leave for a while and rinse; they are so bright,’ a viewer said.

Beware of the potent smell, the genie added


Beware of the potent smell, the genie addedCredit: TikTok/@emmarararara
Emma's silver rings looked brand new after the baking soda trick


Emma’s silver rings looked brand new after the baking soda trickCredit: TikTok/@emmarararara