Pandora bracelet

Ms Hinch fan shares hack to clean Pandora bracelet and is shocked at how much dirt was on it

If you have a Pandora bracelet, it is probably your pride and joy and you wear it wherever you go.

It’s the thing with charms; they are meant to remind you of different memories, places or people, so it seems appropriate that they accompany you on the journey of life.

However, having a piece of jewelry permanently on your wrist can mean that, naturally, it can attract a bit of dirt.

Pretty pandora bracelets can sometimes be difficult to clean

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But how do you clean such a complex object?

Well, a Ms. Hinch fan aka Sophie Hichliffe seemed to have come up with a solution and in doing so was taken aback by the amount of dirt trapped in her Pandora bracelet.

Ms Hinch fan was shocked at the amount of dirt coming from her bracelet

His method was posted on the Facebook group, We love Mrs. Hinch, who shares tips in a forum of people who are fans of the social media cleaning star.

The woman revealed that she poured hot water from the kettle and mixed it with washing up liquid.

She then left her Pandora bracelet in the solution for five minutes.

She wrote: “I decided to try the washing up liquid with hot water from the kettle to clean my Pandora. The c ** p that came off is crazy. All that black is out of my charms. “

Other women have also tried the hack

It is clear to see from the photo that there are bits of dirt floating in the bowl.

The post garnered a lot of attention, with one woman writing, “I absolutely have to do this,” while another added: “Mine is late, keep wanting to figure it out, I’m amazed at this.”

Other members of the group began to try it, some ended up with even more granules of soil.

Another user also suggested using a toothbrush to scrub the jewelry after it has been soaked in the solution, adding that “it’s great for rings with gemstones and makes them stand out nicely.”

While others wondered if this would work on other accessories, and one commented, “Hope this will work for rings! Mine has become all tarnished, it looks awful [sic]. “

Another wrote: “Could I clean my silver engagement ring like this?”

We’re going to dip our bracelet … back in five!