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Mary Blair, Hocus Pocus, Pandora, Halloween and more!

Hello my friends. It has been a long week here in Sydney since we last met at this virtual conference table seven days ago. And quite frankly, I went into this week’s product search that needed something to cheer me up, and there was the Mary Blair Alice in Wonderland collection. Let me show you.

Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair

This collection was the highlight of my day. The teapot, teacups, spoons and plates are amazing, and that dress with trench coat? I want pretty much everything in this one.

Pandora Jewelry

If you can get over the fact that they all have a hole in their heads, these are adorable new charms from Pandora Jewelry. I’m sure they will look a lot better on the bracelet rather than the dark space in the middle.

Haunted house

Everything about Haunted Mansion turns me on. Seeing this little purple pattern instantly takes me to a much better place than where I am, and I love it. Discover these three new features.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pin’s – Plane Crazy – Exclusive to 2021 Visa Disney cardholders

Do you have a Disney Visa card? Now is your chance to frame the exclusive Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lapel Pin – Plane Crazy – Exclusive to 2021 Disney Visa Cardholder, $ 12.99.

Mickey Mouse Balloon Dress for Adults

It’s gorgeous and it may have been my favorite Disney dress for a very long time. Perfect for late summer picnics, pair it with a cardigan for the intervening months and get the most out of your investment. Mickey Mouse Balloon Dress for Adults, $ 128.

Disney halloween 2021

This is my favorite part of Halloween merch, the decorations that flow through the masses of merch that Disney posts. I really want that crown !!

New Disney Games

Who doesn’t love a good Disney board game? Check out these three new items to add to your collection.

Hocus pocus – Halloween 2021 merchandise

Call to all Hocus pocus lovers! It’s your time of year with new products released every year to enjoy.

Sketchbook ornaments

More ornaments are coming throughout this week, with many birthday ornaments available for a limited time only.

This is the conclusion of another huge meeting. Hope you have a great day ahead. Be kind to each other and to yourself. I’ll catch up with you later in the week.

Meeting adjourned!

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