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Marvel and Pandora Just Released a Charm Bracelet Collab: Shop the Collection

Combining your fandom and bling can be a fun way to elevate your look while paying homage to your favorite TV shows and movies. When it comes to Marvel, it might seem difficult to add a little bling to your look, but Pandora is here to save the day. In collaboration with Marvel, the jeweler has released a collection of superhero-themed charms and jewelry just for fans.

You can add statement pieces to your charm bracelet or necklace, like Iron Man himself. However, if you prefer a more subtle way to display your fandom, you can also choose other pieces such as Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, and the Infinity Stones. It’s a great way to display your fandom in a more subtle way for your office attire back to work or just on your next date night.

If you want to show off your fandom, you can also choose to have the entire Avengers team on your wrist with Iron Man and Black Panther charms. They pose in true character form – Iron Man is about to blast bad guys, and Black Panther is posed to highlight Wakanda Forever and even says so on his back.

If you absolutely need the whole collection, Pandora has you covered with the charm bracelet bundle. You’ll get the whole crew plus Hulk and Black Widow in a bundle that includes the sterling silver bracelet.

Or, if you need a little more bling, you can also opt for the Infinity Gauntlet itself, which comes with detailed engravings and the stones for real bling on any necklace chain or bracelet. .

How to Buy the Marvel Pandora Collection

Head over to Pandora to seal the deal. Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s Shield are $70, while Iron Man and Black Panther are more expensive at $90. The Gauntlet will cost you $90, and if you want the wristband bundle, it will cost you $665. The coins just dropped and we expect them to sell out, so be sure to grab them while you can.