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Marika McKellar Imprisoned After Stealing Pandora Display From Wagga Market | Announcer of the day

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A woman who helped steal a jewelry display from a Wagga mall before shattering it now faces an overtime behind bars. Marika McKellar, whose address is in Orange, pleaded guilty to theft and failure to comply with a COVID-19 directive at the local court in Wagga on Wednesday. On August 8, McKellar and another woman entered Wagga market without a face mask and did not use a QR code to check in. McKellar pushed a cart against a display rack containing Pandora jewelry and pulled the box as the other woman lifted it up and pushed. They fled the location and drove to a parking lot on Peter Street, where they pushed the capsule several times to break the Perspex and 16 Star Wars charms, rings and bracelets were stolen. In court on Wednesday, the 24-year-old’s lawyer admitted that due to previous parole violations, the only appropriate sentence was jail. However, he said, the theft was “opportunistic” and was encouraged by his criminal partner because she “wasn’t normally playful enough to do something so brazen”. IN OTHER NEWS: Lawyer said McKellar did not receive the proceeds of the theft. He explained that McKellar had developed a drug problem at a young age and had undergone “underprivileged education.” Magistrate Christopher Halburd said it was a “complicated case” because McKellar was serving a community corrections order at the time. Magistrate Halburd said it was a “flagrant offense” to not wear a mask and register at the mall. “A very clear message needs to be sent to people that these orders are for everyone’s protection,” he said. Magistrate Halburd said the punishment should have some “interference” with the end of her current prison term. He said that although McKellar had not recovered any proceeds, she was still involved in the crime and ordered him to pay 50% of the compensation – $ 1,622.50 McKellar was jailed for 10 months from December 15 , which means that she will be eligible. for release June 14, 2022. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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