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Jewelry retailer Pandora launches own Animal Crossing Island

Animal Crossing’s island life experience has hosted everything from the Kelley Blue Book automotive site to H&M and Maisie Williams. And starting tomorrow, September 30, you’ll be able to visit a whole new themed experience as jewelry retailer Pandora opens its virtual doors to villagers around the world using Nintendo’s Island Creator.

The Island of Pandora Getaway turns pink and crowned with crowns, invoking its classic mark in the Nintendo world. You’ll have access to spaces for photoshoots with friends, an American-style restaurant, and homes designed to replicate the styles of some of Pandora’s famous partners. Dance sensation Donté Colley is one of those celebrities, and you’ll be able to step out and jam in a club-inspired home with plenty of custom decors that capture the spirit of its wellness content. Other collaborators include Cecilia Cantarano, Beabadoobee and Charli XCX.

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There is also a house designed to replicate the actual Pandora craft installations in Chiang Mai. Inside you’ll find more personalized details that mimic the actual location, including water features, solar panels, and craft benches featuring materials from the official Pandora collections. The colorful new venue was designed by YouTuber Blarla Button and producer Lauran Carter.

Pandora Animal Crossing Collection

Visitors to Pandora Island should not leave without memories either. Ahead of the launch of Pandora’s ME collection, you’ll be able to choose designs to wear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons inspired by new designs ahead of their official launch. If you want a chic getaway, you can use Animal Crossing Dream code 8361-3102-9206 to escape the official island of Pandora.

Animal Crossing continues to delight fans over a year after its launch, and Nintendo gave its own island a facelift earlier this year to keep visitors entertained. Other updates in the form of content drops, aside from player customization, are also expected to arrive soon. Nintendo just revealed that it is hosting an Animal Crossing-themed Direct next month, and we could see beloved barista Brewster make his return to the series.

As with other Animal Crossing goodies, Nintendo intends to add to its growing collection of amiibo cards. Series 5 doesn’t have a release date yet, but we know they’re coming and worth watching: Nintendo amiibo cards are notoriously hard to collect.

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