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I worked at Pandora, these are the secrets they don’t want you to know

WE all love to try on Pandora jewelry, don’t we?

A former Pandora employee revealed some of her tips and tricks that you MUST know to get the most out of your shopping.


A woman revealed the secrets of the Pandora storeCredit: Alamy
Ellie explains how to get the best deals on TikTok


Ellie explains how to get the best deals on TikTokCredit: Supplied

Ellie Burnett, 21, from Northamptonshire worked at Pandora for a year, from July 2017 to July 2018.

The 21-year-old, who now works as an analytical executive, recently went viral online on TikTok after sharing her experience working in the jewelry store.

Ellie said: “Working at Pandora was a great opportunity to befriend girls my age, as it was a female-dominated environment.

“The job also offered a good rate of pay for reasonably flexible hours. “

The videos, which were posted to Ellie’s Tiktok account and shared with her 22,300 followers, saw the influencer share her personal experience working at Pandora.

She revealed that “a lot of people” have purchased the jewelry brand’s engagement rings, employees need to be presentable at all times, and customers will walk in after getting rings caught on their fingers.

This would be when employees should help with soapy water!

She also admitted that she hated the brand’s famous Princess ring.

Ellie, who also shares a glimpse of her daily life on her EllieBurnett Instagram account, revealed why she decided to share her experience online.

She said: “I was inspired by other retail employees who had created content by talking about their own experience in their work.

“The response to my three-part series has been overwhelmingly positive. People were very interested in the culture of Pandora stores.

“I think it’s because it’s a very popular brand among my audience.

“On the other hand, viewers were quick to comment on their own personal experiences which portrayed Pandora in a negative light.”

Based on her experience working for Pandora, Ellie revealed that top sellers are always available at Christmas.

She said it’s because Pandora is the hotspot for gifts for women – so now is the best time to do business and get good deals on jewelry.

She also shared her tips for clients looking to get a good deal.

Ellie said, “Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions.

“These can sometimes combine different discount purchases or offer a free item for purchases over a certain amount.

“When I was employed by Pandora, the discounts were very limited, with the exception of discounts for employees and their family members. “

Ellie also revealed that the “free cleaning” service that some of the Pandora stores would offer, is entirely dependent on the store you are visiting.

She explained that each store is run individually as a franchise or by the Pandora brand, which means their policies may vary.

Her advice for getting the best Pandora jewelry deals is to keep an eye on their social media platform.

The social media influencer also revealed some of the things Pandora might not want buyers to know.

She said: “It is clarified that Pandora employees can only wear Pandora jewelry outside of your wedding ring.

“You can also only wear unbranded black clothes and shoes, and employees should look presentable at all times.

“In my personal experience, I once walked in without makeup and was told I had to put it on to continue my shift. “

She also revealed that “fake” jewelry is regularly purchased from Pandora stores.

Ellie admitted, “People were constantly bringing fake Pandora bracelets and charms to clean.

“The amount of fake Pandoras is actually insane!” “

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Store clerk gives tips for working at Pandora


Store clerk gives tips for working at PandoraCredit: Getty – Contributor

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