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I Got My Dream Engagement Ring From Pandora For $65 But People Are Torturing Me For The “Childish” Design

There are many different options when it comes to engagement rings.

Some women may prefer a diamond solitaire ring or a gem-covered ring, while others may be hoping for a ring fashioned after their favorite Disney character.


A Disney fan named Haley Kamke shared her engagement ring online but many weren’t a fan of her design1 credit: TIKTOK/haleydorriss
Kamke's ring featured a band of Minnie Mouse that circled his wedding band


Kamke’s ring featured a band of Minnie Mouse that circled his wedding band1 credit: TIKTOK/haleydorriss

In a video, a woman revealed her dream engagement ring, but sadly, she received a lot of criticism over her design.

Haley Kamke, a self-proclaimed “Disney fanatic,” shared her ring with the message, “My wedding band is everything I dreamed of and more.”

Kamke then showed off her ring, which was a stack of paved silver bands with a large diamond in the center, and topped with a ring shaped like Minnie Mouse ears.

The Disney super fan added in the comments that her Minnie ring was only $65 from Pandora and her other rings were from her wedding.

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Many people in the comments section have expressed their opinion about Kamke’s unique ring.

One wrote, “Looks like costume jewelry.”

Another added: “Are you still 14?”

Someone else asked, “Aren’t you afraid of outgrowing something so specific?”

To that, Kamke replied, “Oh sure, that’s why I can take Minnie’s ears off whenever I want.”

“Nothing could have prepared me for this. But…if you love it, do it,” read a fourth comment.

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Kamke got her ring for $65 from Pandora


Kamke got her ring for $65 from Pandora1 credit