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Frontiers of Pandora and Hogwarts Legacy could be the biggest games of this holiday season

Earlier today, Bethesda announced it was delaying red fall and star field in the first half of 2023. This is to ensure that both games are polished enough for release. Given Bethesda’s track record of buggy launches, this might be the best choice for star fieldbut it notably leaves a huge hole in the holiday season.

For example, the main August games are Saints Row and thymesiaSeptember’s is Splaton 3and Speak and Gotham Knights are the only October releases confirmed so far. november lost star field, leaving it completely empty. It’s obvious that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will help feel that void, but that’s to be expected. In other words, the busiest time of the year is currently lacking in major Xbox and PlayStation games.


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What fills that hole remains to be seen, but Microsoft may have nothing to offer. star field was his big release in 2022, and that pushes everything back. It might surprise fans with a new Xbox Game Pass game reveal, but that remains to be seen. As for Sony, it doesn’t tend to focus as much on the holiday season as some other companies. For example, his last exclusive release in 2021 was Death Stranding: Director’s Cut in September, with Kena and Death Loop also released the same month.

This means that much of the holiday season can fall on third-party titles, and the only two that look likely to get confirmed holiday season release dates – barring the ever-present possibility of a delay – are Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers and Hogwarts Legacy. Everything here comes with the possibility of being delayed, like star field proves.

Other 2022 video games: God of War: Ragnarok, Final Fantasy 16 and more

Now, that’s not to say there won’t be some big releases, but barring a surprise from Xbox or a change from Sony towards the holiday season, the two aforementioned games are the best bets. safer. God of War: Ragnarok could come out this year and give Ring of Elden a race for its potential Game of the Year award at The Game Awards, but Sony is more likely to release it in September than during the holiday season. It could fit in perfectly, but late summer seems more likely given Sony’s recent approach.

Final Fantasy 16 is another that might, but can’t, come out this year. Producer Yoshi-P recently confirmed that a new Final Fantasy 16 the trailer is ready and waiting, presumably for a proper showcase, and also stated that development is essentially complete. This kind of language doesn’t guarantee a 2022 release, especially with a confirmed release window, but it’s not impossible. It might find its way into a holiday release window, but that’s not the safest bet here.

There are several other games that could fill this period, but they either aren’t the safest bets or they don’t quite compete in the same vein as these other games.

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Avatar: Pandora’s borders will likely align with the waterway

Massive from Ubisoft has Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers in development, and it should be released in December this year. Ubisoft recently confirmed three games before April 2023: Avatar, Skull and Bones and Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope. As it is, Skull and bones looks like a 2023 version due to its history, and it stands to reason that Avatar and Mario + Rabbids would strike this year. Avatarthe biggest reasoning is the movie, Avatar: the way of water, scheduled for release on December 16.

Historically, the gaming industry hasn’t had great ties between video games and movies, but that’s not exactly what’s happening here. Massive Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers is its own game, beautifully built on the Snowdrop engine. Not much has been shown yet, but it stands to reason that the release of this game around the hype of The water pathespecially during the holiday season, would be Ubi’s best bet.

Hogwarts Legacy has a holiday release window, unless it’s too delayed

Many fans wanted a Harry Potter RPG for the longest time, and WB looks set to give it to them this fall. BM confirmed Hogwarts Legacythe 2022 holiday release window at a State of Play event earlier this year. Now more than Avatar, it has a chance of being delayed, but it doesn’t seem very likely. WB has already delayed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and released LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Putting Gotham Knights in October offers enough time to Hogwarts Legacy coming out in November, maybe December.

October is a good popular release time, but most big AAA “holiday” releases are in November. This probably suggests that the World Bank planned well Hogwarts Legacy to be his big holiday season.

If there’s anything certain, it’s that fans shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket. Anything can be delayed, and the impact of that possibility on this holiday season is ever-present.

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers and Hogwarts Legacy are in development.

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