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Former Pandora employee exposes man for cheating on his girlfriend

A WOMAN who worked at Pandora has been praised for exposing a man who allegedly cheated on his girlfriend.

TikTok user Eli claimed the man visited the Pandora store while she was working and bought two rings – one for his girlfriend and one for his mistress.


TikTok user Eli claimed the male customer visited the Pandora store while she was working and purchased two rings.Credit: ferreiroroche / TikTok

Eli, from the United States, posted the clip on TikTok and claimed that she recently quit her job.

But before she did, she said she served the male client who allegedly admitted to having the affair and that the rings were for each of the women.

In the video, the former Pandora employee says, “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL, he just bought two rings for his ‘daughter and her side room’.”

She then showed the two rings the customer had purchased saying, “Here are the two rings.”

She shared the two rings he bought in a clip on TikTok


She shared the two rings he bought in a clip on TikTokCredit: ferreiroroche / TikTok

She ends the clip by saying “you deserve better” and wrote in the caption “I have to support my daughters”.

The video has since gone viral, viewed nearly two million times and racking up hundreds of thousands of likes.

It is not known if any of the women linked to the man have since found out, but someone claiming to be the girlfriend’s best friend.

“Thank you very much, I’ll let her know. He’s my best friend’s boyfriend and she has the ring. You deserve the world for that, thank you,” the woman said.

She exposed the man in hop her girlfriend was going to find out


She exposed the man in hop her girlfriend was going to find outCredit: ferreiroroche / TikTok

Many others took advantage of the comments to praise Eli for calling the man and exposing his alleged affair.

One person said, “I really hope you don’t get in trouble for this cause, it has to be EXPOSED.”

And another posted: “This girl is doing God’s work.”

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