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Fans Unite, Pandora and Marvel Launch Epic Charm Collection

Pandora and Marvel have joined forces to bring fans a highly anticipated collection of charms and bracelets from beloved Avengers characters.

The Danish jewelry brand has finally listened to customers who have been waiting for a collaboration that includes their favorite superheroes.

Any Marvel fan is in heaven now and Pandora has released details of the limited edition collection.

Here’s everything you need to know, including release date, cost, and how to buy.

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Pandora and Marvel are launching a collection

Grab your popcorn as Pandora and Marvel come together for an Avengers-themed collection.

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The line includes several iconic charms, including Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor’s Hammer, and more.

MCU villain Thanos has not been forgotten, and fans can purchase an Infinity Gauntlet Charm, Infinity Stones Ring, and Infinity Stones Charm.

Other items in the line include a set of Iron Man charm keychains and a Black Panther bracelet.

Release date and cost

The epic collection is coming to stores and online at Thursday February 17.

The charms, which include Iron Man and Black Panther, cost between £45 and £70 each. You can also buy a set of three charms for £155 in total.

The bracelets cost between £70 and £130 each, while the Infinity Stones ring costs £80.

One of the more expensive items is the Iron Man charm keyring, which costs £140.

For more information and how to purchase the collection, you can register on the Pandora website or visit your nearest store. You can also follow the brand on Twitter for regular updates.

Fans are thrilled with the line

Marvel fans are thrilled with the collaboration with Pandora, and many are eagerly awaiting the launch date.

One person wrote“Me: I hate being constantly bombarded with products to buy that I don’t need.

“Me too: This new Pandora Marvel Infinity Stones ring I heard about in a marketing email today is an essential purchase I must have.”

Another tweeted: “Pandora has a collection of wonders?? I’ve been waiting for this for years!! »

Check out more reactions from Twitter users.

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