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Darlington duo sold fake Pandora charms on Ebay and Etsy – as charges against fraud defendants dropped

A Darlington duo will be convicted of selling counterfeit Pandora charms on Ebay and Etsy.

Laurissa Gibson, 25, and Teresa Moyle, 49, have admitted to selling products with a sign or packaging bearing an identical sign or which could be mistaken for a registered trademark.

The two women were to be tried Thursday with Darren Gibson, 24.

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However, as the counterfeit merchants admitted to selling the fake jewelry, the charges against Mr. Gibson were dropped.

A hearing took place Tuesday before the Teesside Court of First Instance before the trial from which the three defendants were excused.

Prosecutor Eddison Flint explained that the trio would face trial for selling “counterfeit Pandora charms on Ebay and Etsy.”

However, he said Laurissa Gibson and Moyle pleaded guilty to a number of offenses.

The prosecution has now “halted proceedings” against Darren Gibson, of Graham Court, Darlington, who has been charged with fraud by misrepresentation, possession of goods with a false mark for sale and of selling goods with a sign or label. packaging bearing a sign that may be incorrect for registered trademark.

The bench agreed that the cases against Mr. Gibson had been withdrawn and the trial canceled.

Gibson, of Eggleston View, Darlington, is charged with Possession of Products with a False Trademark for Sale, Fraud by Misrepresentation and Four Counts of Selling Products with a Sign or Packaging Carrying a Susceptible Sign to be confused with a registered trademark.

The charges relate to a number of Pandora charms, including the “Eternal Sisters Charm”, “Street Tree Monster Charm”, “Always By Your Side Charm” and a “Mulan Charm”.

It’s unclear what charges Gibson pleaded guilty to.

Moyle, of Shakespeare Road, Darlington is charged with Possession of Products with a False Trademark for Sale and three counts of Selling Products with a Sign or packaging bearing a sign which could be mistaken for a Trademark.

The charges relate to Pandora Always By Your Side “,” Charme Mulan “and” Charme Lady and the Tramp “.

It is also unclear which offenses Moyle accepted.

The couple will be sentenced on Thursday in Peterlee Magistrates’ Court.

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