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Cici Xiang on being a muse of Pandora and how to wear occasions to wear Pandora

More than twenty years after the creation of Pandora’s first charm bracelet – the now must-have Pandora Moments bracelet – the Danish brand is branching out in new and exciting ways to wear its beloved charms.

Dubbed the “Wearing Occasions” collection, the concept is as simple as it is elegant, extending the potential of charms beyond the wrists and onto the neck, ears and beyond. Think of earrings and necklaces, but also bag chains, key chains and charm holders. True to form, it builds on Pandora’s tradition of collecting, holding, and communicating something deep and meaningful.

“We tell our personal stories through our charms and the way we wear them,” said Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, Creative Vice Presidents of Pandora. “These unique new styles take our charms to unexpected places. ”

Of course, this is How? ‘Or’ What you wear them. For inspiration, the Danish jewelry brand recruited three new “muses” to join Georgia May Jagger, Larsen Thompson and Tasya van Ree, Pandora ambassadors since 2019. Among the new star faces are Gossip Girl star Evan Mock, model and champion of diversity Precious Lee, and model and artist Cici Xiang.

“I bought myself a Pandora bracelet years ago when I was in Paris at Easter,” Xiang tells me, referring to her most precious piece of jewelry. “I had dreamed of visiting Paris for so long, so when I got there I decided to treat myself to a bracelet with a pretty The charm of the Eiffel Tower above.”

With more charms added since, Xiang – who prefers gold to silver or rose gold – dons her charms like wearable works of art. “It has become a private diary,” she explains, highlighting the striking charms as well as the everyday moments she chooses to mark. “I bought a twenty-first anniversary charm for my birthday, an adorable cat pendant charm when I adopted my kitten and a letter C charm [for Cici] too much. I like to mix them up on my bracelet for different moods and events.

Events and travel may be scarce lately with the pandemic, but the art history graduate and former model maintains a rather positive outlook as the world opens up again. In 2019, she set up her own non-profit arts education project, C for ABC, which aims to make art more accessible. “I can’t wait to learn more about contemporary Chinese art and its market and pass on more artistic knowledge to my fans,” she explains.

In the meantime, and inspired by the launch of the new collection, I asked her to share her favorite pieces and style tips on how to wear.

His essential hoops

“I love creoles and I have all three colors. They are so chic, even without the added charms, but I also love how you can change them easily. I can put up to three charms on each.

A sexy touch

“Sometimes, instead of wearing earrings, I put my new charm holders on jeans that look very sexy.”

A charming tip

“And if I don’t wear jeans, I also like the bag charm holder which is a delight.”


Her most charming possession

“I love this bracelet because it is super chic and adapts to all styles and clothes.”

A minimalist memory

“I love the minimalist look of murano, and this charm is available in a number of different colors.”

Her Star wars Favorites

“I am huge Star wars fan, so the Grogu charm is a staple in my book.

His sign of hope

“I am a travel person, I love to explore the world. Right now, traveling is not as easy as it used to be and although I really miss it, that charm is a sign of hope for me. It reminds me that the world is better and that we will meet again soon.

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