Pandora necklace

Christmas gifts 2021: Pandora jewelry under £ 25, charms and earrings included

Perfect for a stocking filler or a gift for someone special, Pandora has a huge selection of glitzy jewelry at a great price.

Pandora jewelry is great for capturing memories – that’s what Christmas is all about!

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Our Favorite Pandora Coins Under £ 25

We love this fancy wavy pink Murano glass charm which costs just £ 20 and will brighten up any silver bracelet.

Why not treat yourself or someone you love to this Pandora ME Girl Pride mini pendant, priced at £ 19.

In the same collection is this Pandora ME Nature single earring which comes with a set of five eye-catching sparkling stones.

This butterfly spacing charm is a lovely tone of blue and pink and will add a touch of color to your bracelet.

Pandora has the perfect jewelry care kit, perfect for polishing your sterling silver, 14k gold, or plated metal jewelry.

It comes with a Pandora approved cleaning solution, a soft brush and a handling tray for £ 15.

Check out the Pandora website for more dazzling gift ideas and jewelry.