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Addison Rae on Fall 2021 Trends and Her Pandora Me Collaboration

With 84 million and more followers, Addison Rae is TikTok royalty certified. But even she has no idea what the future of the platform looks like.

“As for the rest, who knows? But TikTok has influenced the current trends a lot, ”Rae, 20, told Bustle. “There is no more age limit for fashion now. Many generations have come together, especially thanks to TikTok, and everyone is more able to identify with fashion.

Although she may not have a crystal ball, the He is all that star predicts that just as TikTok helped resurface 2000s trends for Gen Z – to the dismay and disbelief of several millennia – it will likely soon bring a different era to the fore.

“Maybe another era of style is coming,” she said. “I feel like we’ve kind of come through the 2000s: fun, colorful, really bright. Maybe the next thing is a little more edgy.

Avant-garde fashion was on the mood board for its à la MTV Movie Awards 2021, where she wore a set of Christophe Esber. The rockstar-inspired outfit included a long black skirt and a tight bandeau-style bra.

“I loved [that] see [because] it was so much fun, a little nervous and different from what I normally did before, ”she says. “It was really fun to wear [and] made me feel really confident.

If Rae’s theory of nervousness holds true, his new collaboration with Pandora will be perfectly trendy. She recently partnered with the jeweler to relaunch her Pandora ME collection, which encourages creative expression for every mood.

As part of the collaboration, Rae created a personalized jewelry edition that showcases her personal style. She relaunches the collection with a selection of new pieces added alongside other designers Charli xcx, Donte Collie, Beabadoobee, and Cecilia Cantarano.

“I love Pandora ME link bracelets,” says Rae. “I love the bronze color [because] it’s super pissed off. But still, you can make it fun and personalize it – you can also tie them together and make a choker, which is super cute.

She regularly mixes and matches her Pandora favorites to coordinate with her everyday looks. “I replace the mini pendants or even the colorful connectors for every outfit I can wear,” she says.

As fall is in full swing, Rae introduces Bustle to some of the biggest fall 2021 trends and what she likes (or dislikes) about them.

Leather jackets

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“I love leather,” says Rae. “I could live in leather. It’s fun and young, but it also makes you feel a little nervous. I like a leather bomber – like a chunky leather jacket that isn’t really a biker jacket, but a larger college style leather jacket.

Ripped jeans

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“Ripped jeans are really cute when they look stylish. A small, casual t-shirt or a tank top with the ripped jeans gives a bit of contrast. Plus, they shouldn’t have too many tears – either two big tears or a bit of shredding. “

Suits with sneakers

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“I like the costumes with sneakers on people who are not me [laughs]. I like heels with a suit for me, only because I’m a bit short. I like to give myself length when I wear a suit, or long pants and a long blazer. But it’s cute. It works on a lot of people.

Wrap coats

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“Wrap-around coats are cute if they’re oversized. I’m thinking of a loose oversized coat that has a lot of movement. Even on a dress, it’s cute.

Combat boots

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“I love combat boots with a platform. I even like knee-length combat boots with shorts – or a skirt maybe, with a long-sleeved top. It can be really cute.


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“I have mixed feelings about the plaid. It’s either really great or I don’t like it. It’s more of a small detail for me. A plaid skirt or a plaid scarf is cute. That’s how far I’m going to go with the plaid.

Lined slippers

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“Furry slippers are cute. I like them in a very casual way – to do something a little fun and dress her up a little. You can wear anything with fluffy slippers. I do this very often because they are comfortable and easy when you are on the go.

Leather trousers

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“I love leather pants. It’s my choice when I don’t know what to wear at night. I’ll just get some leather pants and a corset top. A tank top even looks great with leather pants, or even a striped t-shirt looks so cute with leather pants. Everything goes with leather pants, to be honest. My boyfriend has the best leather pants I have ever seen, he has really good pants.