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Addison Rae and Charli XCX Celebrate Pandora ME Launch in New York

The relaunch of Pandorathe collection that defends the individuality of Pandora ME was celebrated Thursday night with a rooftop dinner and a private concert at the members-only club Dumbo House in Brooklyn. Campaign stars Addison Rae and Donte Colley hosted the event with Charli XCX, who performed for the crowd.

The evening began with a cocktail party during which guests were able to customize their own Pandora ME bracelets to their liking.

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“The pieces that I really love are the chain necklaces,” Charli XCX said of her personal Pandora ME selections. “I love to layer jewelry. So to me, the fact that you can kind of layer them on top of each other and then add lockets on top of it and change the colors of the links and things like that makes me really happy. I just liked how customizable it is and you can kind of rock it however you like.

The musician performed new songs for the crowd, including ‘Sweat’, which features in the Pandora campaign, to an audience consisting of Rowan Blanchard, Barbie Ferreira, Aquaria, Devon Lee Carlson, Laura Harrier, Benito Skinner, Selah Marley and more Again.

Charli said her involvement with the brand began after their contact and explained that the concept centers on self-expression, which attracted the British singer.

“I’ve always done my best to go my own way and do my own thing and not listen to what people expect from me or want from me, so I just do myself. And so it was like a good fit, ”she said.

On stage, she typically opts for “less clothes” than in her normal life, and when it comes to jewelry, she enjoys layering objects that will catch the light from the stage lights as she sings. Her favorite jewelry trend is voluminous pieces, while from a fashion standpoint, she’s a bit more experimental.

“Obviously this has been going on for a while, but I like the little bags – and I really like showing off the thongs,” she said, waving her hands what she means (underwear , not sandals, for the record).

Besides hanging on to her girlfriend Addison Rae, who she’s been in the studio with, and trying on jewelry, Charli was eager to take the stage and perform again.

“I actually did a show a few nights ago in LA, which was sort of my first featured show in a while. And it was really emotional to see everyone being there and being so excited and really having the best time, ”she said. “I’m really thankful that this part of my life is back and that the audience can enjoy and start over, because I think it’s a really cathartic experience, to be at a show.”

And while the charm bracelet is a must-have for many in the target age group, it was actually the singer’s very first Pandora.

“I think I always thought they were really cute and princess. And obviously when I was younger everyone had a Pandora bracelet, but I actually didn’t have one, ”she said. “So now it’s like I have time to shine.”

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