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Pandora employee exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress – world news

Former Pandora employee Eli was praised for warning women that if their boyfriend was named Jake they had to be careful because he had bought two rings – for “her daughter and her side piece” Video upload Video unavailable The video will play automatically soon8to cancel Play now Pandora employee exposes cheating customer A Pandora […]

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Former Pandora employee exhibits customer’s buying ring for his girlfriend and side piece

If you live in Montreal and are dating a guy named Jake then this post is for you. You two. Video of a former Pandora employee exposing alleged romantic cheating goes viral on TikTok. Eli, who goes by @ferreiroroche, posted the clip showing a pair of rings she claims were purchased by a customer; one […]

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Pandora employee praised for exposing man who ‘cheated on’ his girlfriend

A woman has stood up for despised spouses everywhere by calling a stranger’s cheating partner on social media. Posting on TikTok, a girl with the username @ferreiroroche said she served a male customer in Pandora who admitted to buying a ring for his girlfriend and mistress. She said: “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and […]

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Montreal Pandora jewelry employee exhibits customer who bought rings for his girlfriend and an accessory

‘You deserve better!’ Montreal jewelry store worker exhibits man who bought TWO rings at the same time – one for his girlfriend and one for his “side piece” TikTok user Eli, who goes by @ferreiroroche on the app, worked at a Pandora jewelry store in Montreal until recently On May 16, she shared a video […]

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Pandora employee exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress

A Pandora employee called a man who entered the store to buy jewelry for his girlfriend and mistress in a viral TikTok. Eli, who is called @ferreiroroche on the app, uploaded a video last week, in which she wrote on the video, “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL (Montreal), he […]

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Pandora worker exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress

In the internet age, if someone does something fishy, ​​everyone will know it. In this case, it was a guy named Jake from Montreal, who was exposed for buying rings from Pandora for his girlfriend and mistress – or “accompanying piece,” as reported. Mirror. “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in mtl. […]

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Top 10 Best Similar Style Pandora Charms and Friends Charms 2021 – Pirate Press

Top 10 Best Pandora Similar Style Charms and Friend Charms 2021 1. Pandora Jewelry Eiffel Tower Charm in Sterling Silver Sterling Silver: The hottest silver alloy in the world, our sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% dissimilar metals (similar to copper). this blend is perfect for jewelry as it preserves color, shine […]

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Pandora UK Rings – Best Rings To Buy From Pandora

. What could be better than a little treat from the jewelry brand Pandora to indulge yourself? Best known for its world-renowned charms on bracelets, the brand’s comprehensive jewelry collection is equally coveted, and certainly not to be missed. We especially love Pandora’s ring offering right now, with everything from special occasion pieces to celebrate […]

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‘Skint’ drug user slashed sister-in-law’s £ 1,000 Pandora bracelet

An addict stole his sister-in-law’s bracelet while she was on vacation because it was “skinny”. Blackburn magistrates learned that Shane Casey was living with the victim and his brother and, due to their concerns, had padlocked the bedroom door before leaving. Casey, 27, of Thornbank Crescent, Bacup, pleaded guilty to theft of a Pandora bracelet […]

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Pandora switches to lab-grown diamonds, meeting demand for sustainable jewelry

Leading jewelry retailer Pandora recently announced the launch of its first collection of lab-grown diamonds, which has grown in popularity in recent years, driven by consumer demand for sustainable and ethical jewelry. The market leader’s move could serve as a catalyst to encourage other players to embrace lab-grown diamonds, although luxury jewelers and mining companies […]