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December 2020 to January 2021

PHOTO BY Pandora DRAWING Espejo War ( In case your SO didn’t get this last Christmas – despite all your not-so-subtle reminders – all the jewelry you secretly wanted him to give you, here’s another thing to say to them slyly, hoping they get it. the message: Pandora is on to sell until January 8, […]

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Former Pandora Employee Reveals How To Get A FREE Bracelet, Tips For Getting The Best Boxing Day Deals

A FORMER Pandora worker has revealed her insider’s guide to shopping at the popular jewelry store over Christmas time. Hailee Harris, 21, of Chicago, said that while the holiday season often means busier days for employees, she loved the Christmas spirit and wore Santa hats as well as reindeer antlers to her shifts. 6 Hailee […]

Pandora jewelry

Pandora Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Throughout the Watchtower

Nobody really expected things to start making sense in Pandora Season 2 Episode 9, right? In a truly bizarre narrative flex for a show whose hallmark has been character inconsistencies and continuity … confusion (?), We’re suddenly reminded that Osborn admitted to killing his wife on Pandora Season 1 Episode 7 to be a spy. […]

Pandora jewelry

A bee-inspired collection, Pandora makes Star Wars and more opening lines for December

As sweet as honey The all new extremely fashionable Honeycomb collection from Artistic, Ltd. offers a charming range of designs inspired by bees and honeycombs. Expect honey-colored citrine, chic hexagonal patterns, and tiny glazed and diamond-coated bees. Designs fit for a queen! $ 2,620 18k rose gold pendant with diamond and mother of pearl. […]